Food cool chain maintenance service

Food cool chain maintenance service

Did it ever happen that the cooling systems, air conditioning, or other preservance systems in your food supply chain (either cold or not) stopped working properly? If yes, you probably thought of some kind of a solution, because you might have lost for a few thousands of Euros or Dollars of value of the goods you were either storing or transporting.

For the owners of food supply chain components (warehouses, transport utilities, etc.), and even more for the service companies servicing different systems (cooling, wetting, ….) in those supply chains, Elmitel Sensing can provide a perfect solution to monitor the proper operation of all of them and react in a timely manner.
Reaction in a timely manner means that you avoid major losses and unwanted events by:

  • servicing cooling and other systems before they break down completely
  • react in time when anything breaks down and use alternative ways of preserving the food

and do all of that without much of additional hassle, because Elmitel Sensing monitors the conditions for you and alerts you, or your partners or co-workers.

With usage of Elmitel Sensing, a service company can provide a timely and responsive service to it’s customers, assuring that no major losses and unwanted events occur. On premises, the following parameters can be easily measured by the sensor nodes which can be installed on any location you wish:

  • air temperature and humidity
  • wetneess of a particular area
  • liquid presence
  • liquid level
  • and many other parameters, can be measured.

The sensor node uses mobile network (in a really cost-effective way, much cheaper than mobile phone itself), WiFi, or other option for connectivity.

The system for measuring those parameters is super-easy to install: the components can be delivered over the mail, and installed by the existing technicians who don’t need to obtain any special new technical skills. That being said, Elmitel Sensing is the sensor solution which you can pick according to your needs, and which you can install on your own, without any external system integration.
In case that you have any special needs or requests, we offer SensingService plans through which we can work with you towards the custom application to serve your specific needs, in a really cost-effective way, affordable even by small companies.

To learn more, register on Elmitel Sensing and we will get in touch about your needs in one business day.