Liquid and hydraulic systems just in time maintenance

Liquid and hydraulic systems just in time maintenance

Prompt response to a failiure in the liquid transport or hydraulic system in a production line can have a huge impact on the cost of potential failiure. Depending on how many workers are dependent on the system, the down-time of such hydraulic or liquid-based system can contribute to a significant losses from pay-time alone, not to mention all of the other expenses with repair and so on.

Constant monitoring of vital liquid-transport systems can help service company which is servicing those systems become proactive, and:

  • react prior the major breakdown occurs, and avoid or greatly reduce the downtime
  • order any missing parts in advance, to greatly reduce the downtime
  • react to any leakages or unwanted events quickly and limit the damage
  • and even identify possible optimizations in the system

A range of parameters can be measured literally anywhere where the presence of the liquids and proper operation of systems is necessary:

  • presence of liquids
  • level of liquids
  • flow of liquids
  • pressure
  • certain parameters to measure chemical composition of liquids
    plus a range of other parameters which are not in scope of this article, and are therefore not mentioned.

The solution is very easy to install and can be installed by existing staff without any special knowledge or training. Elmitel Sensing solution was designed to be as easy to install as a light bulb. All you have to do is to plug the components together, and install the sensor node in the desired place. From there on, you turn on the sensor node and the data starts appearing in Elmitel Sensing cloud. The sensor node uses mobile phone network (but in a way which is cheaper than mobile phone usage), or WiFi, or some other option, for connectivity. Elmitel Sensing can monitor different parameters for you and alert you when they rise above, or fall below, the certain values – making the system a truly plug&play and industry-friendly. In case you have any special requirements, with SensingService¬†we can deliver a solution completely according to your needs which won’t break your budget.

If you are a service company servicing liquid-based systems, using Elmitel Sensing can help you offer proactive services with sensor technology, and deliver a considerably better service to your customer:

  • avoidance of catastrophic events
  • proactive service with low response-times
  • having necessary spare parts on stock just in time

This higher level of service can help you get more constant reveues, and assure your customer a higher level of service, which is in many cases a complete win-win situation.
We welcome you to express your interest through Elmitel Sensing registration form, and we will come back to you to discuss your needs and provide you with the optimal solution.