SensingOS is the first operating system for Waspmote (including Plug&Sense) on the planet. It allows you fastest time-to-deployment of your Waspmote nodes and lowest OPEX costs on the market, because there is no need to write software code, debug or test it. The system also allows remote diagnostics to be concluded over the Internet and with the help of non-technical personnel.

SensingOS is:

SensingOS is available to you worldwide through one of Sensing commercial service plans.

SensingOS is a part of Sensing software ecosystem, which consists of:

Elmitel Sensing allows you to deploy Waspmote (including Plug&Sense) without the need for programming, debugging, or advanced technical knowledge, which results in deployment expense reduction beyond 50%.

Furthermore, because the Waspmote nodes running Sensing may be set-up and maintained without advanced technical knowledge, your existing workforce which maintains on-field infrastructure may easily maintain the Sensing-based Waspmote infrastructure. The learning curve to use Elmitel Sensing is the lowest on the market for this kind of solutions.

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