Elmitel Sensing is the most cost-effective and easiest way to deploy your first IoT sensor based application or service.

No matter if you wish to monitor motors or working conditions in your factory, air temperature and humidity or water intrusions in your warehouses, water quality in your pools, or any parameter outdoors on your farm field or on your infrastructure, with Elmitel Sensing you can:

  • have the sensors shipped to you and installed by your existing team of technicians, by simply installing them and turning them on, without additional costs and required knowledge
  • have a custom application with alerting and other functionalities developed completely according to your needs - hours of custom development are included in every Elmitel Sensing plan
  • have a set of advanced and complete software tools for Libelium sensor nodes always available for your technicians to debug, configure and update your sensor nodes

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Sensor solutions in vineyards

eVineyard, a complete vineyard management software which supports a range of sensors for smart agriculture, uses Elmitel Sensing technology to support Libelium sensor nodes out of the box.

Buy online, plug and play

You can order Libelium's sensor nodes online from Elshop together with Elmitel Sensing service - the nodes may be pre-configured with Elmitel Sensing, so you can simply install them, turn them ON, and start using them.

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Flex alert company

Solution for farmers in Canada

Elmitel Sensing is used by Flex Alert company to deliver advanced smart agriculture applications to farmers in Canada, minimizing their risk and increasing their profitability.

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