Plug and play sensor cloud platform for Plug&Sense and Waspmote based sensor nodes

For Libelium Plug&Sense

Purpose-built for the Plug&Sense. Add, measure, analyse and visualize with a few clicks. Reduced time-to-usage and final solution price.

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Connect Plug&Sense or Waspmote directly to sensor cloud

Connect via the Internet

Connect the sensor nodes directly to Elmitel Sensing via the GPRS, WiFi or Internet in minutes. Perfect for small installations.

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Sensor cloud software platform built for sensor data storage, access and analysis

Simple and intuitive

Add a sensor node with a few clicks. Select it on the map and access it's data. Process the data in any way you want. All you need. And nothing you don't.

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Purpose-built for Libelium Plug&Sense.

Set up your Libelium Plug&Sense in a matter of minutes.
Elmitel Sensing is designed around Libelium sensor nodes that can sense and measure virtually anything. It is built to provide an engineering company which sets up the sensor network, and the sensor network end-users, with the easiest solution possible to connect sensor nodes to the cloud, by streamlining the process down to only the necessary steps to set up the sensor node, and automating everything that can be automated.

Supports Plug&Sense integration with a few clicks

Supports direct connection of Libelium sensors over GPRS, 3G, WiFi to cloud

Ideal for sensor networks, no matter what dimension.

Set up Plug&Sense for personal use or your small business on your own.
Do you want to set up your own weather station, or two? If you need only one or two Internet-enabled Libelium Plug&Sense nodes, then this is the simpliest and most cost-effective solution for you. Connect sensor nodes directly to the Elmitel Sensing cloud, without the need for Meshlium. Forget about cloud connection, application development and Meshlium maintenance. Log in, add sensor node, upload the code and turn it on.

Made for sensor nodes and networks.

A fusion of simplicity for end-users and power for developers.
Elmitel Sensing was built from the ground up to provide you with an optimal solution for your sensor data access, analysis and visualization. Because of its specialised purpose, everything you need to handle your sensor data is there - and nothing you don't. With clean, streamlined and intuitive user interface that allows data access for users from computer, mobile phone or tablet device.
For developers, a full API and environment is available. Write your own code to process the data. Present the data using graphs and tables. Fetch data from web. Push data to web. Send alarms. Communicate to the outer world. And a lot more. Through Elmitel Sensing API.

Simple sensor management software

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